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Let me recommend to you some media I like for the time you’re waiting for the new episode of “Never follow the wispfinch!”

Gentlemen Bastards series by Scott Lynch
I can wholeheartedly recommend this book series. I love its world, but the best part is pretty much every conversation in the books is better than anything else I’ve read or heard. Okay, maybe not really ALL of them but in my eyes it has the best ratio. 
I’m a bit sad that only the first two episodes are translated into Hungarian because I’m still struggling to understand every little nuisance in the original text. But even with my limited understanding, I love the third book too.
Maybe when I’ll have a little bit of extra time I’ll make a fan adaptation of a scene I really liked. I think it’ll fit very well to the comic medium because the text is pretty much like it’s written for it. :D

Link to the books



The Red King by Heylenne

Are you surprised I didn’t start this list with a webcomic? Well, it must be because I actually don’t read that many webcomics. :/ I rarely do because very few capture my attention. It’s probably because very few comics cook from the very few ingredients I like. But that can’t be said about TRK. It has dark, mysterious themes, magic, fantastic creatures, demon-like creatures, lucid dreaming, probably an alternative supernatural society, angry eyebrows. So all in one, if you like what I do you would probably like The Red King too :) Oh, and as a bonus: you can read it for free!!! I know, it’s crazy.

Link to the webcomic


Thief (2014) game (pc version)

Developers: Eidos-Montréal, Square Enix Europe

As I know not many people like this episode of this game series but for me it’s the best. I especially liked its whole world design and mood. It’s just breathtakingly artistic. How could I describe this game experience for you the best? Hmmm, imagine everything is dying… But in a beautiful way :D The people are sick, and dirty, there’s always dark and raining(or soon to be raining) but you don’t care because in every foggy corridor there can be a hidden door or a shiny trinket you may find with some fun riddles sprinkled around all over this alternative, steampunk world. I often stopped and just stared at details because I felt artists were highly involved in the level design process. Maybe the same people drew the concept art for this game who built the levels… IDK! But it felt like that.

The protagonist became very close to my heart because he’s the one with the huge dark circles under his eyes and no murderous intentions under his skin, just very strong urges to steal the shinny things. 

If I had a few spare millions of coins, I would finance the next episode of this story because for some reason it relaxes the hell out of me. I still don’t know why it’s so relaxing to me because 90% of the game is skulking in the dark(sometimes fancy, sometimes creepy, sometimes creepy and fancy places) hiding from guards/lunatics/monsters/ghosts or escaping from them.

You might assume I love Dishonored too if I liked Thief. To that I have to say No. Dishonored couldn’t catch me. I’ve tried it but somehow I didn’t catch the same feelings. It has beautiful cinematic trailers though!!! GOD! I recommend watching them. It’s made by Blur Animation Studio and everything they touch pretty much turns into total awesomeness. They even managed to make a cool Star Wars game trailer. And it’s a big deal for me because I don’t care about Star Wars at all, but if Blur would make a whole Star Wars animation movie you bet I would buy a ticket for it.

Anyway, I love Thief. My next potential cosplay will probably be a Garrett(main character of this game).

Link to the game


19 days by Old Xian

By the way, don’t think the order of this list means anything. Pretty much everything is equally cool here. I just wanted to separate things with these numbers.

So, I “read” 19 days on Twitter because Idk where else I could read it.

Anyway, I really like how the author posts these comic pages without dialogue bubbles and I still understand them perfectly. Or at least I have a feeling I understand them perfectly. :D I feel like it mastered storytelling by images to the highest.

It also has a character with permanent angry face (and eyebrows. It’s important. Angry eyebrows are returning elements in my taste, you’ll see later too).

The color usage is also wonderful in this comic.

Link to their Twitter acc


Under the greenlight by JAXX

Definitely 18+ content.

This one is a really hot BL webcomic. It gets 15 out of 10 expressive eyebrows from me. Very spicy, go and check out!

Link to the webcomic

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